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No damage done to base, but the bottle was in full flow and hit the floor and rolled across to the other side of the room and has gone foggy as hell.  !$£%&*^!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for that CL.

I just thank my lucky stars it was'nt my one and only blue/blue.

I would have cried ;)

oh dear Pete, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you :D


I with you. My century was in full flow and bam!, the whole thing fell on the floor. It was soooo soooo foggy. Now its looking better but not well. When yours gets better you feel realy happy and proud you fixed the mess.
my biggest fear!  but no worries,,,it will clear up with a little love and a lot of tlc.
She's looking way better now, just a wee bit foggy. I was being a fusspot and trying to tidy up her flex and I nugged her and her fin went over the edge of the shelf, I did a girly juggling act and tried to catch her but her fins fell of and was left with the flex and cone dangling ! my dogs bed broke her fall but she spun and rolled like a whirlygig. ouch!

those bloody fins lol

glad its mostly better, i bet when it fell you had that slow-motion thing.. n.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.

Glad to hear she's on the mend Pete.......they say time heals all wounds...

Oh Brad....

Lol...The road was long but I ran it...

She's crystal clear now, but it took several weeks of daily runs.

kiramarie said:

Oh Brad....

Pullled out Rocky Horror tonight at watched it eating pizza.. We have a tradition that with our old school 42x42 portable screen that we set up outside and use with our  projector   Well  we play it every night the week of Halloween. its dusk by 5 30 or so by october... by the third night we have so many of the neighborhood kids and their folks *whom of course are my age.. but we do it old school like downtown chicago. every one has umbrellas or plastic bags..for when we.toss water, of course we put on the smoke machine , reciting lines and dressing the parts..do the time warp.. Some things should be kept alive..
















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