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Hey all, picked up a French Astro Nordic lamp from ebay and seller did not include the bulb, which was there in the pictures in the listing.  Believe it is a 220v 40Watt bulb, not sure what size I need though.  If anyone could please chime in with pictures of bulb info or know where I can pick up a few of these would greatly appreciate any info.  If you need pictures of lamp base and socket can do, just let me know.


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Since there is no picture available I can not say for sure, but I think this is the type of bulb that you need with your Nordic - 


Thanks MileHigh, will check it out!

I used to have a Crestworth Cosmos and it used the same type of bulb as a Crestworth Rocket and Mathmos Jet.

And that was the bayonet bulb configuration, is that what they use?  Thought the would use a reflector type bulb to keep the light focused at bottom of globe and heat off the sides of the base?  Have been thinking it would be like a E14 euro bulb with threaded configuration with reflector. Just want to get the right type of bulb for it.

Not sure what type of lamp you have.

Do you have an Astro Nordic or a Cosmos?

As far as I know the Nordics use small bayonet SBC B15 bulbs and the Cosmos uses a SES Small Screw In E14 Reflector R39 bulb.

If you want to know for sure what bulb to use then post a picture of your lamp and it's socket.

Well took it apart and glad I did.  The socket is threaded, but one of the three contacts under the threads was mangled and looks like no saving it. Will post picks, so re-wire is in order.  Actually, through further study of the crestworth line, it is a Cosmos that I have.  Once I post pics, maybe those that have re wired a jet can give me a heads up as to what the used for a re wire and bulb combination.  Thanks again.

Well guys, got the cosmos rewired with a intermediate base and a 40w  R14 intermediate based reflector bulb.  Is working great!  Probably will need a dimmer on it.  Got the lava back together and moving.  Going to cycle it for a few days, master fluid is cloudy but hoping for clearing with further cycles.  Will get some pics as it clears.

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