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Hi Folks

Having a problem with a goo kit, i have done 6 or 7 lamp refills no issue, but this one is giving me a problem, tried 3 times, this time just using distilled water and new wax, but it just stays at the top, see pic, should add salt? Or more sufficient


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Ok thanks, so how do i made it sink lol

does the lamp flow at all?  it looks like there is some wax at the bottom.  how much surfactant did you add?  a surfactant decreases surface tension, allowing the wax to stretch.  it is possible that if there isn't enough surfactant in the globe, the wax might 'stick' at the top because it can't break the tension between the surface of the water and the wax.  perhaps try adding some more surfactant.  otherwise, i'd contact goo kits and let them know about the issue.  i recall some other people on this forum reporting the same issue in the past.

Hi Brad,

There is some flow at the bottom, I've added hardly any surfactant as of yet, But I was wondering if that might help, I was going to use Veg Glycerine as I used to use Washing Up liquid that contained Glycerine, So I though straight Glys would do it

if the wax rises and falls at all, then i think it needs more surfactant.  if you have surfactant that came with the kit, i'd use that.  otherwise, i'm not sure what the result will be!

The glycerince would also make the wax float more, I think.

Great color by the way!!

Great thanks for the input, I added the Glycerine & it magically fell to the bottom! But then it started to rise & just stick to the sides, So I'm added a little Epsom salts here & there till it get going, Working on 2 right now as gifts, This was one I found in a Thrift store a few days ago in it was a cloudy orange, I drilled out the base for stars, & am spraying Metallic Black, The other in Copper Hammer finish, my others were pretty easy, Both of these have been harder, But I'll get there, I'll post some pics when they're finally don! Thanks again!

From doing quite a few lamps, to get the wax to rise you need more salt, which makes the master fluid heavier than the wax.  If your wax is floating and needs to come down you had more distilled water to lessen the salt concentration of the master fluid.  Surfactant does decrease the surface tension of the wax.  The less you use, the longer stretchier blobs you will get, the more you use you wax with then break faster into smaller blobs.  Good luck with your kit!

PS: show us your method for hole drilling in base.  Don't want to press to hard and dimple base, what is your method?  Any help would be  appreciated!  Thanks!

Thank you, I just made a template from a star-base using a toothpick to punch holes in paper. then used  a shapie to mark the holes, then a tiny drill, went trough very easily with no pressure needed, it was very simple & worked great

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