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After many months of frustration I have finally figured out the cure for wax sticking to the glass. I am confident that this will work for most people. Its very simple actually. Empty the globe and fill it completely full of gasoline. Let it sit over night, rinse it out with dawn dish soap, then refill the globe with the original contents. When you refill the globe be sure to put a little bit of liquid in it first and swish it around because the gasoline strips the lamp of all surfactant. I usually put half as much liquid in as I put wax in, then once the wax has cooled off and hardened I pour the rest of the liquid back in. When you pour in the wax try not to get it on the sides of the globe. This works so good the wax doesnt even stick to the bottom of the globe.


Thats it. Simple yes?

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I wonder if that would also work on that awful film that is on the outside of some of our globes?   I've tried soap, windex, you name it, and it just smears around!   Highly annoying!

Post some photos, maybe we can figure it out?

It appears that disgusting film is just "there" on a lot of globes and will NOT come off.   I don't think anyone ever figured out how to remove it.   I'll find that link to the discussion and pics and post it here, thanks!!

I better post it in a new discussion, so as not to hi-jack Autumn's "inside" globe cleaning discussion!!

Innotic, it was under a discussion Deb posted called "Polishing Your Globes," and I just replied to it to bump it up for you.  No pics though, but a good description!   Sorry, Autumn, for hi-jacking, but this is off your discussion now!

I have my globe filled with gasoline now and when I dump and wash the inside in a couple days...do i need to bake it after?  I thought I remember reading that somewhere, but now that I look it doesn't mention it in this thread.  

Under what circumstances should you bake your globe after cleaning?

Nevermind....I found it myself since no one responded.  I just hope these are good directions.


Gasoline? When that happens to my lamp i just shake a litle bit and the wax goes down.

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