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Hey everyone. ive been slowly working on a hunter lamp i got a while back. its now rewired for north america :) and ive ran it a few times, however its so cloudy you cant tell if anythings going on in there. anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem? i would like to clear this lamp up :) i will post pics either tomorrow or wednesday


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I assume this Hunter lamp is a lava, yes? You might have to filter it. Seems to be the only way to clear up a lamp besides doing a complete redo of the water. 

Pics would help! Good luck Diin. 

thanks erin! im pretty sure its lava.. lol. i think another problem may be the bulb. im running it with a 40w led flood.. cause thats the only thing that would fit properly. i havent had time to go bulb shopping :P
Does an LED put off much heat? I didn't think they did.
not really, it was just a tester, cause a regular bulb sat too high.

heres some pics.

nice lamp.. but he needs some work :P

weird shite on the coil, also some on the wax.

and the bulb thats in there right now. lol
Nice lamp... is it orange with orange lava?? did you try running cycles at all?

im not even sure lol. the liquid looks pink when its off. but when its on it looks more red/orange. and the lava.. i couldnt tell you. 

the only bulb ive been able to fit in it without any problems is an LED flood. i havent had time to go and find a regular flood bulb

What's the cap like? Maybe boil it to smooth things out a little?
copper cap, appears to be stuck lol. im not sure how to get it off

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