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I just wanted the fluid. Anyone interested in these? Could be good for parts, experiments, etc. Globes appear to be about 10oz.  Bulbs included. Otherwise they're going in the trash/recycle bin. 

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What is the project Metallicaman??  Enlighten..no pun intended...lol,  us..  :)

I am not Metallicaman. ???

I took three of these and filled a 32oz. Silver Streak. So far so good, but I think I have too much heat on it. 

Erin, If I may ask, what did you like about the fluid? Was it a color that isn't seen too often?

It's this stuff:

Multi-colored, semi-fast flowing stuff. It's really pretty.

That's really cool. I like the multi-color. I was thinking it was just regular glitter with a different color liquid. 

No, the glitter is actually multi-colored. Something you don't see very often.

I did top off with some distilled water (said in the instructions that the liquid was distilled water) and it did stall out after a few hours of running (glitter all at the bottom). I"m *hoping* it's because I have too high of a bulb on it and not because I added some distilled water.   :cringe:

Right, I like the multi colored glitter. I was just thinking that it was going to be like a silver glitter with a funky looking liquid color. That's what I thought when you said that you needed the fluid from the three lamps.

Erin, you making a giant glitter globe or what?

No, not giant. That would cost a fortune! Just a 32oz. glitter from these globes. :)

You can see it in the background here:


Hi Erin, I would love one of the bases and globes!!  Do you have any left?

I have all three left. :) Want all three?

Steve, let me know if you're interested. :) Still for sale. 

Steve said:

Hi Erin, I would love one of the bases and globes!!  Do you have any left?

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