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Hi all I have a question I have the mathmos copper telstar I'm wondering if the black base and cap could be somehow copperised ??? Can't post pics 

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i was gutted they didnt do a complete copper version, the black part would have to be stripped down to the bare metal then would need to be anodized by a company, must be someone out there who can do it but i reckon wont be cheap. 

*galvanized i think.

Anodizing is just locking pigments in the surface of aluminuim if i understand it correctly.

find a local chrome shop, if they chrome, they can copper plate as well

they have to, it's part of the chroming process

I've had several lamps brass and chromed plated

But remember, once you copper plate a base, it will conduct heat like crazy and possibly affect the flow from lack of temps.

This lamp is now impossible to touch it while it's hot

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