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Got ny pink and purple grande yesturday.. Made in 2018 came clear but i had other plans for the pink wax.  Saved the fluid and i decided to make it a cyan color but that was eh.  Here it is as turquoise with pink wax.

The camera always manages to change what the colors look like in person slightly..  But the pink wax in person looks dark red.   I might lighten the turquoise slightly but what do you think ?   This is also my first lamp using pure sodium laurel sulfate in a shampoo like gel form.  No powder you have to mix.  No 10 other ingriediants.

Flow is pretty good.

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looks great.  

Thanks, i made it a tad lighter then in this pic.  I felt it was too dark specially against my green wall.  But it still looks almost the same

I* like the color combo and the flow looks spot on

Nice, my purple pink grande new a few months ago is now clear and pink. I simply added distilled water and about 37 to 40mils of magma tower surf and the lamp is absolutely superb!!!

Wax flows like a 90's lamp and it's crystal clear.

I love the fact that all new grandes need is distilled water and surf. Makes life so easy!

That's good to here Kero cuz I have one coming in the mail.  Hope it comes in clear.  Wish me luck!

If it doesnt it isnt hard to fix.  Im not a fan of the purple liquid.. I changed 3 of mine even a clear one to other colors

It came it clear.  And the flow is amazing.  First grande for me.  

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