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New custom lava lamp grande - let's hope this clears up

So got my grande today, was excited to take it out of the box but was also nervous knowing the bottle wouldn't be clear.

See pics.

I can't even run it today as it's in the 20's here and the bottle is ice cold, literally from fedex transport. I have to let it get to room temps over night and run it tomorrow but I have a feeling it won't get crystal clear.

Sorry my place is always a mess, no room, gotta get these damn wheels listed and sold lol.

I can't even see my hand directly behind the bottle :(

I will run it for a week but I can't imagine going from this to perfectly clear.

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Well I guess I am shit out of luck again, the second bottle arrived. Can barely see my hand through it. I will have to wait 24 hours to use this one same as last one, why you ask.

BECAUSE BOTH BOTTLES ARRIVED ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FREEZING COLD. you couldn't keep your hand on the first bottle and you can't on the second.

So now, I have to call Denise back, who is overloaded as Susan is out and she will not be happy. I might wait for Susan to get back which might be a few weeks ugh. I told them to open the box and check first. This box was 100% not opened. I can tell by the tape job and flaps being undistirubed.

See photo below. I will try and run this one for a week and see what happens. Thus far first bottle, being run everyday for a week is barely better than when I got it.

So up to this point, two bottles to play and mess around with. I wonder if I keep the wax, drain the fluid, put in distilled water and just surf, will the lamp work?

Honestly, I have to wonder if it just makes more sense to wait until the weather gets better across the country before ordering any more lamps. Shipping is going to be cold pretty much anywhere for awhile. 

Is that the new custom ones? So that should be red and yellow? It looks really pink. My custom red/yellow is really really clear. Its about 2 months old. 

Ah yes, more lava lite perfection.

By the way, the new bottle might be worse as it has all this stuff floating at the top the original one does not have. Looks like ultra fine particles that resemble fog or smoke, who knows lol.

See my new post, school me people!!!

Jason: yes both are new yellow/reds

They do not check them before shipment. They get shipped here from China and the last person to see that lamp before you was a Chinese factory worker. It *is* possible that it clouded in shipment, but unlike the old lava lamps, these new ones don't clear. Once a cloudy lamp, always a cloudy lamp (2003 and after). It sucks. I would send it back or have it refunded. It's best message to send - your lamp is crap and I don't want it. 

Sorry this happened to you. :( But it's the reality of buying new lava lamps online. 

Eric I agree with you, so I guess you and the other guy (crap I forgot his name) got lucky when you got your second ones that were clear.

Unless they send prepaid labels to ship everything back, there is no way I'm pay to ship this stuff back, plus I don't have the original box for the original lamp. I only have both bottle boxes.

To be honest, I just want a freaking clear bottle lol. I even told them to send me a different color combo that was clear, they didn't.

So, I will call Monday even though i sent an email before the week ended.

If I am able to keep these two bottles, which it seems I will, refund or not, I'm gonna have to correct them myself, hence my other post about "SCHOOL ME" lol.

Take a peak, feel free to add any comments.

I think I'm gonna try the distilled water, surf and pickling salt first as I have all that. PG, I would have to order and wait for and I hate waiting for stuff.

I am also waiting for walmart to clear out their other colors as they usually go down to $40+ which is worth a shot.

I have to assume some of there stock is crystal clear at Lava Lamp but who knows how the sale of the company will affect return policies. A new company is not going to like sending out multiple replacement bottles. It's not good business sense if you want to make a profit.

I never got a second one. Just the one shipped from Lava Lite in Chicago. It's sheer luck that I got a clear one.

Keep fighting the good fight! LOL It's frustrating, isn't it?

Oh for some reason I thought yours was delivered cloudy lol.

Well I spoke to Denise today and she seemed okay and receptive to the fact that I got two bad ones. She send my second email back to the people in the warehouse that need to be aware. She said she would ask them to take one out and run one that is clear to send me. I told her I am open to that.

I have to call back Wed as she is alone at the moment.

Let's see where it all goes lol. Will keep everyone up to date and yes frustrating but at least they are working with  me.


Denise emailed me today showing me photos of a very clear bottle they want to send. She said they did some shaking and other tests to see how the bottle reacted and she said it remained clear.

I told her we should give it a shot and ship it.

Will update when it arrives, but I am not sure it shipped today or will ship next week.

Good luck with your new delivery. I hope it's the colourway you want and crystal clear.

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