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Hey Gang:


I am parting with some goodies:


3-empty 52-ounce globes.


2- coach lamps with our without 2 of the empty globes mentioned above.


2 old school 32-ounce purple glitter globes.


1 old school 32-ounce clear glitter (not too common.)


1 Century base with or without the 3rd empty globe mentioned above.


3- Meds one empty and two full but faded.  I would trade the empty Med to have the other two filled with clear red (not China crap.)


Respond to me here, and I'll get back to you.


I hope you are all well.


What up my little Weebles?

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i might be intrested - what do you want for each item

Hello, DLR I would like to have the 2 coach lamps with globes and the century base with the globe if they have their screw on caps? that's if I can afford them all..Are they in good shape?



OK, I am mad at Matt for asking for everything I wanted......hahahahahaha....just kidding Matt...I really wanted to know how much the clear glitter is.


Hello Matt: 


For the three "screw on" globes, the two Coach lamps, and the Century base, I would want $150.00 plus shipping.  This is a very fair price.  The Coaches and Century base are all in good shape with possibly a small scratch or ping here or there.  Nothing I was ever concerned about.  I am a fanatic with my collection (just ask Weebs) and I only collected nice lamps from the 1970’s in clear red.  I will ship them out gorilla proof!  You could be sure about that!

The globes do not have the heat coils because I used them for my Lava head creation.


Rici:  I could let that clear glitter globe go for $30.00 plus shipping.  This is a good deal because of the scarcity of this fine globe.


Let me know what you guys think.




Doc Lava Roc

Hey Thanx DLR but after paying all ny end o' the month bills I was pretty much left with empty pockets today. I'm gonna pass on these at this time at this time. Sorry about that.


....now...how much are the coach lamps individually?  I have a friend who really wants one, and if your price is reasonable, I would love to buy one for him.

re: 2- coach lamps with our without 2 of the empty globes mentioned above.


Are these the globes that came with the coaches? Just out of curiosity, why are they empty?

I sacrificed two 1970’s clear/red globes that came with these Coach lamps for my lava head project.

I only collect vintage clear/red lamps (over 110 lamps.)

These lamps cost me over $125 each.  They are in very nice condition.

Maybe I’ll hunt down two vintage clear/red globes and place them in my brass Coaches and keep them.

If you view my profile, you will see that I collect “pairs” of lamps.

Doc...you never gave me a price for the Coach bases.....oh...ooops...I just read where you said you might keep them.   Oh well....thanks aanyway.
Are the 52oz screw on globes scratch free with minimal to no glass "bubbles"? If so I could really use them. You didn't mention whether or not they came with the cap so I assume they don't but I could also  use a couple of screw on caps if you have them. So how much for the globes either with or without caps? Thanks.

I would be interested in the coach lamp if I knew what price you expect to get :) 


Do you still have any empty globes?

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