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I got my Consort from Mandysbus and the lava was shot. When heated up, the lava and liquid turned into a soup and you could not see which was which. So I dumped it.

Next up, I tried putting lava and liquid from a 1970s Carlisle in there. Lava seemed decent, liquid was super clear. Flow issues prevailed. I think the lava is just plain shot from the Carlisle.

I boiled the lava, but it's just not good. It goes, then hangs out at the top and bottom. No blobs.

NEXT, I tried to GooKit it. Cleaned the whole thing out, put in new wax and surf. I'd been on for about an hour now and it just won't move. I poked a few holes in the wax to see if it would get moving, but nothing. It just sits there in a pile.

Am I missing something really obvious here? I don't know what else to try. :(

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It either needs more time to melt or a higher watt bulb. My goo kit giant sits at the bottom in a big blob for about an hour before it finally starts to move. It does not spire like my lava lite lamps do.
I'll try a higher watt bulb.

I also have lava stuck to the side. :( Know a fix for that?
You may not have added enough surfactant. Did you rinse the bottle with some distilled water and surfactant before you added the wax? If you did then clean the bottle with an S.O.S. pad and then rinse it several times with water. Then for a final rinse use distilled water with some surfactant in it. That is the only way I have found that works but it doesnt always work. Unfortunately I dont know a way to fix it every time.
I rinsed it with distilled water before, but not with surf. Looks like I'll be trying again! I WILL fix this lamp if it's the last thing I do...
What wattage of bulb have you been using?
There was a 15w bulb in it.
I have refilled several Consorts and Mediterranean’s and had good luck. Here is my procedure.
You can refill two consort bottles with the lava and fluid from a 32 oz globe. I refilled my Consort and Mediterranean from the same 32 oz globe. You can find the old 32 oz globes on EBay, Craig’s list, or at Thrift shops. I have also used Lava Louie supplies and they work very well. The key is to clean the consort bottles thoroughly. First remove the coil. I do this by cutting a clothes hanger and making a small hook on the end to pull the coil out of the bottle. I clean the coil with Dawn dish detergent and scrub it with a toothbrush. Rinse the coil thoroughly and let it dry on a paper towel. Next, I clean the bottles with dish soap and a bush that will fit inside the bottle. Then rinse them with distilled water. Next I fill them with rubbing alcohol and let it soak for 10 or 15 minutes. Empty the alcohol and rinse again with distilled water. Allow the bottle to dry. Insert the coil. I hold the coil with a paper towel as I push it back into the bottle. This way no oil gets on it from my fingers. Next put some of the fluid you are using into the bottle and swirl it around and dump it back out. Then pour the melted wax into the bottle. I use a small funnel and tape a clean drinking straw around the bottom of it. This keeps the wax from splashing on the sides of the bottle. Let the wax harden on the coil. Fill the bottle with the fluid. If the wax separates from the coil the first time you try it, let the lamp cool. Dump the fluid out and save it. Put the bottle with the wax and coil on the base and let the wax melt and run for about an hour. My theory is this helps bond the wax with the coil. Once the wax is cool again, fill the bottle and try again. It might be overkill, but I have not had problems with lava sticking to the globe doing it this way. Good Luck!

Wow, thanks for the advice! :) Question - when you say you used lava from an old 32 oz. globe, do you mean old as in 90s globe or old as in 70s globes? And, what wattage bulb are you running in yours?

I can't wait to have a working Consort!
I used a globe from the 90's Pre-China and I use a15W 120V bulb. I have also used Lava Louie kits and they worked well for me. Good Luck!
I cannot get mine to flow with the Lava Louie kit. I have a 15W bulb. I wonder why.
Lava kits are a precise science. Begin with distilled water and carefully measure out the recommended amount of surfactant. (Directions should have come with your kit.) Add the recommended amount of surfactant to the distilled water and let the wax melt. If the wax does not flow and is melted then use an eyedropper and add one drop of surfactant every 15 minutes. You should eventually find the correct balance.
I've done four GooKits before and never had any flow issues. On the Consort, the lava just doesn't get liquid enough to rise. I'm going to have to try again!

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