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I just picked up a consort at a flee market last week, the goo was separated, but I was able to mix it back together and it works now. However, the goo is old looking and the liquid is a bit low a cloudy. I have a Red/yellow silver streak with a coil issue, whose liquid/lava could be used in my consort, with a higher watt bulb and a dimmer and it would not cost me a working lamp.

Do you think I should keep the consort original or swap it out?

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From what I have read, to get a consort to flow with old lava, much less new, with "new master fluid" is a challenge. Good luck with if you try this.  Think Autumn has done this with success, watch for her to be on and ask. Thanks!


I'd be using both replacement lava and liquid, essentially the consort would just be a container that gets hot, wouldn't not trying to mix old lava and new liquid negate the difficulties?

Consort based lamps are awesome to look at but to love them for their flow is pretty much impossible. I have filtered and/or redyed several and made them look and work well. I think If I were to redo the contents of the bottle on one I would take the wax and fluid from a Hot Rocks brand lamp and try it. I think that formula might do well in a Consort. Good Luck and post pics of your finished lamp.


Can you post a few photos? I'd like to see it as it now.

Critter, drop me a note? I'd LOVE to know how to properly filter a Consort. I'd like to filter my Princess!

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