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Let me know if anyone has one that they would consider selling.

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Rare lamp..could not part with mine. Sorry, will keep an eye out bro.

Yeah... let one get away on ebay last year and still kicking myself in the butt for being a cheapskate!

I'm pretty good at finding stuff, whats it look like?  Im not interested in making money off another collector so if i find it and buy it thats what the price will be. No clue the value on it though, if I find one what is the range it should be bought for?  

here is is.

I've seen that one before, it reminds me of toady my favorite icon. What's the average one should pay for these?  Thanks for the pic to. 

I’ll pay $200 if you find one, thanks 

Ok my friend, I'll go hunting now. 

Thanks and I would pay $250 if you find one 

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