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  • Clear/Red Grande Restored

    Clear/Red Grande Restored

    Grande lava lamp bottled in August 2009. Extremely cloudy, replaced fluids and now . . . Keith Nov 25, 2017 110 views

  • Hot rocks glitter test

    Hot rocks glitter test

    Glitter has deteriorated but still flows decently. Video was taken after 6.5 hours on. Base was swi… Keith Jun 3, 2017 102 views

  • Coil problems

    Coil problems

    Original unopened Lava Lamp globe from 1994. Wax will not stick to the coil, resulting in a lava do… Keith Apr 27, 2015 104 views

  • Slick flow, Frankenlava!

    Slick flow, Frankenlava!

    Illegitimate offspring of one red "china" and one white "USA" globe. Keith Apr 27, 2015 95 views

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