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I have been trying to buy a fludium for about three weeks now. The Mathmos site was down and when it came back fludiums were not available. I sent an email to Mathmos and there reply is that they cant say at this time if they will still be available on the U.S. site. Does anyone have any inside info?

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Generate Lighting still sells them in Canada (in yellow and green only).

sweet! I hope they keep selling them will want to get a couple in about a month.
Well I am going to look at those also.

I guess they'll be discontinued....

...that opinion is only based on seeing how they're being offered as a "buy one get two" over here in germany.

For a few years now I've been under the impression that the whole line of Lava-Lamps is being treated like an orphan.
It's pretty obvious IMO that there's less cash (and more work) in 'em than in products that can be mass-produced cheaply and easily in eastern Countries. Companies have different ideals these days, y'kno...
I personally wouldn't be surprised if LW was telling Mathmos off. They seem to be getting more bureaucratic and uncaring as time goes by. You know, Lavaworld having a complete monopoly in the states would be such a bad thing if they were to actually put some quality into their products and listen to the customer. They're starting to bug me....
Yep, I did get a confirmation from Mathmos today that the Fluidiums are not going to be sold to the US anymore, but they hope and wish that it will be in my favor and they will come back up on the site in the future (it's up to some higher up big wig at Mathmos).

And they did say the reason is Lava World is producing similar lamps (don't know whether he means directly "Fluidium-like" or just general "motion lamps"). So I am sure that Lava World has told them to back off bitches, this is our territory!!! But little does Lava World know the TRUE lava lovers will do anything to get Mathmos products and still have ways of getting them through a few other last remaining shops online, other collectors, and friends in Euro countries.
I have to agree with everything said, Mathmos should be able to sell the full line of products over here.

My thoughts on what happened..>>>...Early to mid 60's, two businessmen go to England to buy the rights from CrestWorth, then a low selling product comming from a small upstart company, Craven sells the exclusives sales rights in the US to them since CrestWorth products were not available here never realizing how big lava will hit later. As much as it sucks that contract is enforceable still to this day.

I would beat them at their own game by selling the liquid and wax seperately. I know I would buy every color available to transfer into old globes or China LW globes. Just pack it in a Mason type jar, wax on the bottom and then filled with liquid, maybe a 33oz and 53oz version, wax and water for $20 to $30 in various color combos. Maybe thats a idea we can float to Mathmos as "repair kits" ??? Its not a lava lamp without the base, bottle and bulb....its just wax and fluid....

Thoughts ??

See, I'm not out to argue with you.

But still: What you say about LW sales being cannibalized through the cheap knockoffs must be true for Europe as well, those crap copies are all over the place here too, but yet Mathmos didn't seem to have to reduce the quality of their lamps. They've got their goofy LEDs contraptions, the spaceprojector, their mutated laserpointer, and their cutey-wootey candle-holders and IMHO they made some uninspired decisions for the design of the Astro (I mean, come on? Plastic Feet? O.o). But the price for their lava lamps has been stable, and as it has ever been, they're only available at a few select stores.

That said, to me it seems LW simply has made some decisions that don't go so well with the idea of having satisfied customers.
If I had an interest in selling Mathmos in the US, how could I legally do it. If at all?

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