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I just got a bunch of 8oz lamps for $3.19 and 20 oz. for $5.99 at a couple of Kmarts. Get 'em while they last. It looks like they're getting rid of all LW brand stuff. Some stores had nothing left. The ones I saw were:
8oz - purple/pink
20oz - blue/yellow, purple/yellow, pink/white, clear glitter, pink glitter

Plus the End ups, bulbs, nightlights, battery powered glitters, etc.

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Hey Bohdan, I've set up a couple of these new cheapies from Kmart and the new wax looks translucent, like gelatin! Have you seen that in new globes? It's that way in the purple/yellow 20oz. and the purple/pink 8 oz. the flow really sucks in all of them too!

I am so disappointed at the quality of these new ones!

The wax is so transparent, that the new purple yellow globe appears to be almost twice as bright as my 6 month old one. It's not the bulb, it's the wax!
Hey, has anyone ever combined glitter and lava in the same globe? :)

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