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Looking for Elektriks in lime, yellow and orange with or without globes.

I have the other 5 solid colors. I want to complete the set.
If anyone has any to sell let me know.

I just put the elektriks in a row. I'll add a pic when they start to flow. I've set 'em up in all clears with wax matching base/cap

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My Elektriks and The Goober
wooo cool
~~swooning~~ There are fluorescent bases? Ha! Would you post pics?
Just back from coolstuffcheap. I LOVE the chrome bases and I don't have any 20z bottles.
You forgot lime green...
Hey man,
I didn't forget I didn't know until you made me aware. Thanks!

Before your website went down I copied all the wax color pics for reference. I use that reference all the time. Thank you.
The reference for Elektrik base colors I've used is one of Oslava's pics on site and it doesn't have the lime green.

Duh I should have checked your pics. Just did. Now I know the colors I need! Thanks again and again for providing me with such great reference materials. You're one of my Lava Hero's.

Thank You :)

These are all originals except the Cranberry and Teal which I painted...

Of course it cuts out the lime green and I dont have my picture software on this computer to resize....
I hate to say it but greeen, yellow, and orange are the hardest to find colors. I had green and orange but sold them :0
I know. I've never seen a yellow or orange or lime green on ebay. I've only seen 1 dark green and the fella from Florida whose been buying up lamps at top dollar got it.
Got my eyes peeled and if my fellow GooHeads see one let me know!
Yea Bohdan! They have the lime green and turquoise bases. I'm on it.
Wanna sell it?
Just won a light blue, ( turquoise), on ebay for $19.50 delivered. It has a blue/clear globe.
Getting closer to the set.
Thanks to MattMJB0188 I just got a dark green for under $20 delivered.
Thanks again for the heads up Matt!

I still need orange, yellow and lime green and know i can get the lime green at undertherainbow thanks to Bohdan!

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