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Well I would like to know if someone out there knows if the 52 ounce lava lamp clouds up during shipping like the Grande do. I have got some of the Grande and all have been cloudy. I have never ordered one of the 52 ounce to be shipped in the mail. How do the 52 ounce Red Lava Clear liquid come thou the mail? Do they come cloudy?

Thanks Roger

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Seems to be everything made now comes in cloudy. Best thing to do is go to a store locally and pick one up. Is that possible?
Ok thanks for the help.

Don't order one. It probably will be cloudy. Just go to Spencer's or another lava lamp dealer and ask if you can open the box before you buy it. With how many returns I got for cloudiness while working at Spencer's, I'm sure everyone else who works there knows that they often come in cloudy and will let you check out first. I'd never recommend buying a lava world lamp without first opening the box and making sure it isn't cloudy.
LOL I remember 14 years ago going into SPencer's as a kid and I just grabbed the one I liked got it home fired it up and that was it. Never had to worry about nothing going wrong. Wish we could have those Lava Lite Lamp days again.

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