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i bought a Aduki. But the Battery is defect i guess. When I pull the plug it starts flashing. Can I change the battery?

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What is Aduki? Google returned some kind of beans.

Hi you can't sadly I got one with same problem they sealed unit and trying to open one will likely smash the glass top you can still use them plugged in though. Some the leds do go aswell overtime 

I will try to open it. Which Battery did you use?

Yeah, np

Great. Thanks a lot. Tomorrow i will try it

OK, it was easy. But i couldnt find it. I take another Battery with the same Dimensions. Hope i find one.

im having the same issue.

How did you remove the battery?

heating it a bit on a radiator or so might help opening it as it makes the plastic a bit softer. Works great for getting the socket out of an astro which is held by those two clips.

Even though there is more than one revision of aduki in where they have some have different inners and workings i just want to replace or revive the battery would I still have to becareful?

Can you sen me a link for the type of connector I will need? How did you connect yours?.

I have not found any button cell batteries that are exactly like these. Only those that are weaker. Normal AAA batteries also do not fit because the housing is too small

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