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Hello guys

Got hold of an unused astro bottle, looking at it it has the two coils and less wax so I know its a new one.

I dont have a base yet but have a couple of questions based on a thread earlier this year.


1) some people commented the new bottles dont flow well, is this something i can sort by removing the smaller coil?

2) also mentioned was the new bottle not fitting the older bases properly, I really want one of the older bases as I prefer the brushed matt aluminium as opposed to the more shiney ones, but i dont know how much older the matt ones are so i'm thinking if th matt ones are quite a bit older i might have to go with a newer base for a better fit.


3) if the flow will never be good should I just get an older bottle & base?


thanks :)

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Hey lady mc spruce;-) no experience with removing coil but I would think that it makes the flow slower and as I see it more desirable. I have some of the old bases and I'm almost sure they fit...think the babys had this wobbeling problem.
Want a base? Send me your address and I send it out on monday. Have a nice weekend!

Hey Arne

thanks for the reply, i've sent you a PM. you have a nice weekend too! :)

Do the 2 coils affect the flow at all though?

Hi, I have two of the new bottles and the flow is different, don't see much snaking with the new bottles, think it may be down to the 2 coils, not sure though.


saw you had posted before about this, wondered if you had tried removing one of the coils but i guess not!  once i get it up and running i will see and if i do remove one i'll let you know what happens  :)

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