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Isn't there something that can be globally bought ?

I mean in here i read that i should get Dawns Dish Soap, but i cant get that here in Denmark.. The same goes for Tesco tea tree shampoo.. And i bet Denmark is not the only country where those products cant be bought.. So i thought that maybe there was some kind of Surfactant that can be bought all over the world, so that its easier fore people to search for the right things, when wanting to flow optimize or redo lamps ?

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it is the other ingredients in shampoo etc that cause the clouding. You have to buy pure SLES.
Okay.. Hmm .. Gonna try and see where i can get SLES.. That could be a problem ! :P
p.M. me!
Are you sure Da9L try a Helsekost foretning or Matas
Kaia, sent a friend invite. Would like to know where I could buy the SLES. Thanks. I am having the same problem, good flow from adding the liquid soap, but it clouds after initial run. Would be grateful for this info.

So now i've been searching every damn corner of the internet for this SLES.. It cant be bought in Denmark obviously. its simply not sold to private people unless i want it in a 70 lbs+ size.. So guess i will have to try to buy it from Ebay

But i want to buy goo kits too.. Couldnt i just try to buy the surfactant that comes with the goo kit and see how that would work ?



Okay.. Then i will try that and see if i can get the original wax working again, just for the learning..

Found some SLES on Ebay - http://compare.ebay.co.uk/like/350452516507?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixe...

The seller is UK based but if you ask to post to to denmark then i am sure you can get some.

You could try using the surf from the gookit and see how that works - i havent tryed that but its worth a try.

Yea its probably the same thing - i am sure they will ship to Denmark if you ask them.

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