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Hi all,
anybody having problems buying from or getting in contact with Gookits people?

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I sent Jonny an email question a couple days ago, and haven't heard back yet.
...Maybe they're away on business, vacation?
I called the other day to order a kit and they told me it would be 10 days before it's processed because some of the staff are on vacation.
Guys, thanks for the info.
I ordered a kit to be delivered to one of my addresses in USA about a week ago, and have tried to email and got no replies.
Also I went to the website and clicked on the "shop" link and it was dead.
I was a little concerned by the lack of communication, but I guess if they are on vacation that explains it.
thanks again
what's the website? I want to check out what they have, I've heard a lot on here about them. Not quite ready to start building my own, but you never know....winter is coming, and it's like the shining around here, stir crazy!!
They sell "goo kits" the kit is a great way to refill a globe that is empty or make a homemade globe from a random thing lol here check em out http://www.gookits.com/
Still no link to the shop and still no reply to any emails 2 weeks after buying a kit. :(

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