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Hello Guys

I have a couple of Italian glitter lamps. the bases are plastic and originally had glitter in them but need re-filling

My other half just got a gookit and i thought it might be cool to remake these old glitters into goo-ers.

So I have a couple of questions if you'll indulge me:-


These glitters have that really nasty toxic liquid in them. whats best to use to make sure i have removed every last bit?

the bottles are like jets only a bit taller and thicker. I know gookits run on a lower wattage bulb, what kind would you recommend for a lamp this size? bearing in mind i also dont want to ruin the plastic bases, i believe these originally ran on those pigmy bulbs.

I'm assuming the bottles can take the extra heat associated with lava, but if anyone doubts they will be able to take it please voice your doubts as i'd rather have glitters that work than lava on my carpet!!


obviously i have no coils to put in, but the gookit comes with that gauze-stuff. should i get some proper coils instead?


muchos thankos

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BTW should just mention one came to me with a 40w golf ball bulb in it, i assume its been run with it in and hasnt done any harm to base.


bump.. any opinions on tis please?   :)

Well, If they ran on 40w why not try it. Probly 25 will be enough though. I'll send you the coils along with the base, are 3 enough? To get the fluid out just rinse it untill the smell is 100% gone and the water doesnt cloud up anymore.

If you like I could also send you an empty astro globe so you can make a astro fast toxic health threatening glitter bottle...I would do it!!

hey dude!

the coils would be great, 3 is enough, thanks  :)

i would do that with the globe but unfortunately one has no glitter in anymore, one has been messed with so is cloudy (i know, a cloudy glitter lol) and the only one with original contents only has two thirds left in it which is a big shame. otherwise i would have kept the original contents!

i would much rather re-fil with mathmos but it would be expensive and as sam bought the gookit i thought why not! that way if i do mess them up it doesnt matter. i can always re-fill with a LW glitter or something.

looking forward to the parcel lol

cheers arne  :)

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