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I picked up a Crestworth Cosmos and a Nordic lamp a few weeks ago on ebay but I would like to replace the bottles which contain sad looking wax and fluid and replace with glitter fluid.

I have bought a couple of cheap glitter lamps and will dye their fluid from the original clear when I have cleaned out the bottles.

I wish to recreate a similar look to the bottle shown in the link below with Amber fluid.


My questions is... Did the Cosmos use a coloured bulb or a clear bulb?



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The bulbs would have been standard 40watt small baynet golf ball fitting, but you can use 25watt, they didnt use coloured bulbs in the lamsp as a rule, as to that autumn leaves ( orange/russet ) if your using cheap modern glitter refill, you may be able to use the dye inside Berol felt tip pens, use orange and yellow, break the end off ( not the tip end ) wear gloves and tap the inner sponge tube out , hold over the bottle neck and with plyers nip the sponge near the end and the dye will drip out, becarefull as you dont want to over dark it.

On a neg note sometimes the dye will clump in small lumps after a while in the bottle but a shake will solve that.

If you want to keep the liquid clear, you could paint the bottle base with a solvent based glass paint or use permanent maker pens, ive used both, the marker pens can be removed easier with hot soapy water .  You may be able to get coloured pigmy bulbs of ebay but must be the small baynet fitting they are only fitting watt but will make the glitter move fine, link below.

The cosmos that was on ebay was the british version from what i could see and a bugger to work on the bulb fitting as the base is only 2 parts unlike the french version, cylinder (bottle holder section) the stem, then the main base where the flex goes in, u.k version is rarer 


Hi Johnny,


Thanks for the info.


I have plenty of ‘opal’ 40w SBS Bayonet Gold ball bulbs but I may try painting some clear ones.

I have a couple of old Cretworth Glitterbabies with painted bases.

One painted Red and another with Stripes.

It would be good to know what painted bottle base colour combinations went with each fluid colour.


I have only ever used food colouring dye in the past to colour water for goo-kit bottles.

I’m just wondering if there will be a problem with food colouring mixing with the glitter fluid.


Yeah, my Cosmos is a British version. I tried to use a small bayonet to screw fit adaptor but the bottle sat on the bulb.

40watt bulbs seems quite hot for glitter so I plan on using a dimmer on the lamp or switch to 25w pygmy bulbs.



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