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This rocket lamp keeps showing up on CL nearby me. Can anyone tell me if this is a real Lava Lite lamp or a knockoff? Is it rare? Should I plunk down $10 for it? It's a bit of a drive but if its the real deal, maybe I will.


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Nice finds. That's a lot of lovely lava for your loot!


Are you sure you're not confusing this with a Mathmos lamp?

Paulb said:

its not a real rocket mate.

I'm guessing Paul is mistaking the question for, "Is this a real (Mathmos) rocket," to which the answer is, "no," it's not a Telstar. But it absolutely IS a Lava World Rocket. I really love these, wish my black one hadn't gotten the legs broken. Great find - the black ones had a ring of holes on the base and the cap, and the silver one did not. AND a teal globe?? Double lucky!

yep, this one is official.  she's a beaut!

Yeah, I love this color, and the fluid is pristine. I love Craigslist! My new favorite lamp, other than my '73 Aristocrat, of course.

ask for the model number and do some research

Huh? Ask who, the craigslist seller? if he knew anything about LL's he wouldn't have sold for $10. Ask 99% of LL owners what is printed on the cap (if that's what you were referring to) and they'll look at you like they don't have a clue. At this point the ID process has been put to rest anyway. It's happily blobbing away in my basement.

Samantha Gregory said:

ask for the model number and do some research

Craigslist rules: Swoop in, act dumb, buy low, and GTFO. I didn't care about specific model numbers; all I wanted to know was if it was a LL product or not. If I bothered asking questions either the seller would have gotten wise and the price would have gone up or someone else would have snagged it in the meantime. The last thing I want is to lose the sale to some 13 year old who is either gonna break it or put Justin Bieber stickers all over it. At that price, buy first and ask questions later.

True here in Tucson there is none really and the swirled based lava lamp that nobody can get a hold of its orange right can you get a picture of it because i think i saw that one on eBay for 98 dollars

I do not understand why someone would deface a lava lamp like that i got one every Christmas and they were my pride and joy also you seem to know a lot about them what do you know of the pliable art lava lamp model no. 501 i a wondering about it age because the woman i got it from said her brother had it since the eighties or earlier

I'm really not familiar. I saw your other post and all I can suggest is to google the heck out of it.

Already have lol

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