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Not sure if this is kosher, but here goes:

Hello, I've inherited a colossus lava lamp I don't have time or room for. The fade switch on this particular one had fried out and was replaced with an on/off switch instead. If there is anyone in the central Georgia area that would like to check it out:


I would prefer this go to an owner who can fully appreciate a 4' tall lava lamp. My friend pictured with this monster of a lava lamp is 5'3". :)

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Special thanks go out to "Mile High" for suggesting to use Uship as a courier

The actual shipper and name of his company was:

Gary Lemke

I highly suggest that if anyone has anything unusual to ship, to use this company

They did an outstanding job of transporting the lamp door to door for only $300

Weather permitting, it is going in for bodywork and paint today

I know this is a long-shot, but does anyone have a table for a colossus they would be willing to part with?

Custom tempered glass cuts bids are coming in, but I fear they will be  VERY high

I don't know if you shop in thrift stores, but you might be able to find a round glass table top in one.  I saw one at a local Goodwill for $7.95.  Having a circle cut out of the middle may be cost prohibitive though.

In fact I just left goodwill and they had one for 795 the issue is getting a tempered afterwards not cutting a hole. Current prices I am getting for a custom table are near $350
Just dropped off Mason cap and body shop will be ready Tuesday pictures to follow
BASE and CAP not Mason cap.... Damn auto correct


I got a company in Chicago to cut the table 30" wide, cut a 12" hole in middle, polish the edge, temper it, and ship it for $285


nothing half assed here

I live in GA if it is still available I am very interested
What you looking to get for it ? And are you willing to ship ?
do you still have the colossus? I have cash waiting.

how much is it thanks

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