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Any lamp is fair game now, not just the beatles and harley lamps. This thread has grown far beyond my expectations! 0.0

I really dont understand why these are always listed for ridiculous amounts. I see them all the time for $100 buy it now. I have a harley lamp and I want to sell it because I dont like it. Someone locally tried to sell me a beatles lamp for $100. Are these people nuts? Why do they all seem to list them for stupidly high prices?

Anyways I thought it would be fun to see who can find the most over priced harley davidson or beatles submarine lamp.

I am setting the bar really high.


$274.99 Buy it now.

$26.99 Shipping.

$301.98 Total

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Apparently not since I sold every globe.

アンドル said:
So what your saying is that your listing was over priced?

Travis Joles said:
Ya, that one. Me helping someone on a limited income. Still good for two years ago. No complaints on my end. Like I said last year, I never expected to get $525. You have to go a little high to have room to bargain. Everyone wants a deal, and gets one at a couple hundred off the asking price. They're happy, and I'm happy. It's an excellent price, for a rare globe. Still might be more than you'd pay, but I would sell those all day long for $300, without thinking twice.

Hey folks, 

I know Travis as kngbidder back from a number of years ago. He's paid very handsomely for some lava collectibles himself. 

What started out as a contest and a post to laugh a little has turned into something where a a debate and justification is going back and forth. 

I'll still state, If buyer and seller agree upon a price. It's fair between them. No one is held to the stone with an axe. 

A friendly debate is one thing, but it's causing this topic to veer off it's initial impetus.

I'm going to ask you to split the debate off and keep it cool and friendly. 

Fair enough Weeb. I said all I wanted to say anyway. No offense to anyone on here. I love lava lamps, and theyll always have a special place in my heart. The lava lamp is what started my obsession for collecting, and I wouldn't be where I am now on eBay, and have all the incredible collectibles if it weren't for my first lava lamp.

Next up, this gem. While I do indeed love this lamp, I have scored two FROM FRANCE, with shipping, for less than this. That being said, this would be a neat one to own:


That's one of my faves, and it's very uncommon (I've seen about six or seven) but that's nonetheless extremely high.
Thanks for understanding.

Sylvia Alicea said:
What about that Florence Triple glitter for $750?
that would be ebay it ended the 7th

WeeboTech said:

Sylvia Alicea said:
What about that Florence Triple glitter for $750?
I'm going to have to post mine!
here is one on ebay for the night light

Lava Lite Light fixture Lava Lamp Purple Glitter,6-Inch

4 available
Price: US $46.16
Buy It NowBuy It Now
And another one
Lava Lite Light fixture Lava Lamp Blue Glitter,6-Inch 
Buy It Now
Free shipping
Time left:13d 15h 49m

Lava Lite 14.3" Rainbow Lava Lamp Buy It Now $64.87 on ebay

amazon price $16.98 lol the larger version I saw last week for around $29-$35


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