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I recently have come across a Crestworth 'Living Jewel'. I got it on eBay from one of the noobiest, most incompetent sellers I have ever witnessed.

Sadly the previous owner had removed the black stopper that said DO NOT REMOVE HARMFUL CHEMICALS (and didn't replace it!) then glued the metal top to the glass... The lamp is roughly 2/3 full which is kind of sad. I am a afraid to fiddle with it. I was thinking sell sell sell, but I kind of like it.

I would prefer to unglue the top somehow, refill it and properly seal it. But I am aware that this isn't something that can easily be done, especially if it contains harmful Perchlorethylene/ Trichlorethylene or Trichlorotrifluoroethane...

What do you guys think I should do? Does anyone want to take this one on? Looking to sell lamps to try and help pay for my last college semester anyway..

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you should probably post a few photos to get the benefit of any advice from the real experts here (not me!)

I've updated a couple of these lamps over here in the UK, and they're  worth the effort if you can get them right.

the key will be what glue he used, I guess...

topping up may be a no-no, if you can't tell what's in there, though I believe your nose will tell you if it's perc....

You can use a hair dryer on the cap which will loosen the glue quite quickly.

You can then top it up with some of Kirk's glitter fluid, and re-glue the cap to seal it.

I've topped up several living jewels, and other European fast glitters with his fluid and they've all worked perfectly :)

The fluid in glitterlamps is water and calciumchloride which is the salt they use on roads wintertime to melt the ice. 1 kilo to one liter water.

You could use calcium chloride to refill, but it won't be compatible with the old school crestworth fluid & glitter flakes. 

Contact the OG guru on glitter restoration


He can restor or customize to your liking

Fantastic. professional,  dependable, sffordable, workmanship

Thanks you guys! Love this community. Here's some pictures. The glitter likes to settle at the top when cold, and I noticed the glitter is much slower flowing than some of the living jewel videos I've seen on YouTube.

xclean off the bottom bottle color and order medium holographic glitter from Kirk

'it will look near original and dance like the dickens if you order fast fluid

Aww man, I kinda liked the bottom color, but that sounds like a good idea.. I have yet to buy fluid/ glitter from Kirk

you will like his work'

Especially with clear fluids

See pics The Custom rocket in the mathmos collection is a hybrid of two types of glitter

Photo does not do it justice

Your fluid is probably original, so don't waste it!

The flakes are supposed to sit on top when cold.

If it is original fluid, Kirk's fluid is compatible, so just purchase some 25W clear fluid, top it up, and leave the bottom color on (just don't get it wet as the original flakes off very easily).

I have several Living Jewels, and 3 of them are a Kirk/Crestworth mix. All work perfectly :) 

True, Kirk likes to keep it original at all costs

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