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Does anyone know where I can obtain a dimmer switch that I can hardwire into the lamp. Or rather I guess I should say in line with the cord.

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the whole shebang http://www.itcelectronics.com/product_info.php?products_id=3811

The same ones used on the original Lava Brand lamps. Search the name brand more and you might be able to find them cheaper. I remember seeing 5 packs for like $20.

Thanks alot man. That's just what I was looking for.
I saw two different kinds at Menard's last Thursday. I had to ask a store clerk just where to find them. One of them fits on the cord. The other has a plug/receptacle on one end of the cord. This kind requires no wiring--just plug the dimmer into the wall and the lamp into the top of the dimmer plug. They were $10 each. I bought the kind with the plug/receptacle. Hope this helps.
I baught mine at menards and has a slider switch. think it was around 10.00 but was a year ago.
one short question from me: is it possible to run every lamp with a dimmer or does this affect the fluid/wax (cloudiness, lifetime)? i think it would be nice if ordinary lamps without a dimmer could run much longer with a dimmer turning down the heat of the lamp when flowing started.
I just recently purchased 2 from Amazon that were made by leviton and wired them directly into the cord. You can also buy ones that you simply plug into as well. They're great. You can real "dial in" that specific flow your looking for.
sounds great...i think i have to try it.
With these in line dimmers, how do you know exactly how much you're turning it down? Is there a way you know if you're turning it down to a specific wattage or even if you're turning it down to half, etc.?


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