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I want to change the color of the wax in my grande lamp. I have liquid wax dye. Since the dye is an oil, I am afraid if I add a lot of dye to make a rich or a dark color, it will thin out the wax and make it too “oily” and disrupt the balance between water and wax. Have you tried liquid wax dye? What was your experience?

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I have tried liquid wax dye.

You are correct, lots of dye will make the wax appear very dark, like black; a little bit goes a long way. I've also seen the wax thin out with the liquid dye, certainly looking more glossy. This all results from using too much dye.

The only issue i've ever had is too much dye seems to change some of the properties of the wax where, if lamp is turned on for hours and hours on end, the wax becomes re-solidified. Not sure the reason for this, but I can conclude that some certain liquid dyes may disrupt the balance between the water and wax.

It is a "proceed at your own risk" scenario but the wax always turns out beautiful afterwards with the right dose!!

When you begin, add small drops of dye at a time to reach your desired shade. The most reliable liquid dye for lamps would likely be Claude's from Lavalabcreations.com, as they are specifically made for lava. Good luck!

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