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Do you know anything about this Mathmos Jet model?

I found this one in the free adds.

It just needed a tidy up and new fluid and wax.

The original photo wasn't that clear and I initially thought it was a 70’s BDOC lamp because of the colour which is a matt siver/grey....but it definitely had the Jet base.

Once received, I could see it was clearly a Jet. It has the Mathmos Jet sticker on the bottom, with another circular orange sticker (original wax colour perhaps?).

Just surprised that I haven't seen more of these over the years....was it a limited run?

I'm assuming it's the original colour?

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Thats early 90s just prior of crestworth being renamed to mathmos, mine has the crestworth diamond logo on the bakalite base plate then above it a mathmos silve and black sticker with jet and dated 01.08.93 also has a orange dot on it, ive found this base gets alot hotter than the black version

I think it's called the gunmetal version, I've got one too, but after a while I preferred the standard chromes

Thanks both, that's really helpful. That's exactly what it is.

Mine's dated 1/08/93.

Quite an industrial looking model, and not my favourite. Probably not a keeper, but nice to know what it is.



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