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Did you see how much ebay is taking now?

10% fees including on shipping cost (and I don't mention the 4 or 5% they're taking on paypal fees after).

That is a steal!

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$35.00 for shipping is ridiculous but shipping costs have gone up a lot over the years in general. I usually charge anywhere between $13-$16 depending on what side of the country you live on and the size of the lamp.. Sending lava lamps usually cost about that via USPS so when i sell and lamp and have to lose money on shipping due to ebay fees etc. Is a tad annoying especially when your just a person selling a few stuff here and there and not a ebay store. But like Autumn said, the market on ebay is much larger so thats the trade off. So, in a way, I can see why some sellers charge a little extra for shipping.

Joseph said:

I've cut way back on ebay due to shipping costs. It used to be reasonable but lately ridiculous.  I've noticed many sellers adding extra charges to shipping cost even though I know that shipping should be much less.  You can buy an item on ebay for 5.00 and pay 35.00 to have it shipped.  No thank you anymore. There are a lot of lava lamps I'd like to add to my collection but the shipping costs kills the thrill.  Thank you for letting us know.  I was thinking of selling on ebay.  Now that I know what the site charges...NOT!!!

I noticed today some of my Ebay items are finally showing back up in Google shopping...items I sold MONTHS ago! 

Etsy's won me back...a kinder place, the people seem more refined, and lots less micro-management.

Until ebay sends buyers to the shipping company of their choice via a browser applet or popup (just like it does with paypal currently), I will not be selling on ebay. It's not a seller's place to set shipping cost, and it's not ebay's place to take part of that shipping money. That entire transaction should be between the BUYER and the SHIPPER.

The fact that it still isn't is just unfathomable to me.

I love eBay for buying, hate it for selling. I will *only* sell an item on there if I've exhausted all other resources. Or it's going to be really hard to sell locally. Between their 10% fees and then Paypal's cut (3% I think), unless you have a high ticket item, it's not worth the hassle. I don't know how people make money on it anymore. eBay got greedy and the fee on MY shipping charges was kinda the final nail in the coffin for me. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying sellers shouldn't charge for things like packing, tape, labels, boxes, and gas to get to the PO, I'm just saying that that should be separate from shipping charges. Because right now like it is, it's a racket. Ebay isn't going to stop sellers from setting their own shipping charges because they won't be able to take a chunk of it if they do.

As a buyer, I would MUCH rather pay a few bucks extra for handling and KNOW that I was getting a direct quote from the shipper.

As a seller, I would much rather not have to pay the difference. Because right now, ebay is the seller's pimp...and as a rule, the pimp is not the one getting ****ed.

I almost always get screwed on shipping and handling. And you're right Loren - people often forget about the cost of boxes, tape, packing material, gas to the post office, etc. That stuff adds up. 

The last few lava lamps I've sold on eBay sold for about $10 - $15 each and I charged $15 for postage. Since I'm not too savvy with the new postage options, I want to make sure I'm not going to get screwed. USUALLY, $15 covers me most times when I'm shipping a 32oz. lamp. But, I ship economy. I think on the last two sales, after fees and supplies and my time, I netted like $10. Not worth it. 

yeah, ebay is being too greedy.  the next big thing in an internet marketplace seems to be just around the corner.  facebook is a perfect candidate.  they have 10X's the amount of users as ebay (143 million vs 1.3 billion).

I was really surprised when I recently purchased a lamp from ebay.  The whole system has changed.  And not for the better imo.  Here goes.  I try to bid and I am continually kicked out like a micrometer of a second later it tells me "sorry you were outbid".  So i'm like ????  what is going on??  I come to find out, they now have automatic bidding!!!  Huh?  So here I am sitting, watching an item for hours and someone can just plug in a high bid and until you bid over that, you don't have a chance??!!  Sorry, I really don't find that fair bidding!  You can plug in 40 bucks, go to work, do you're shopping and unless somebody figure's out what your bid actually is, has to keep uping the ante......take's the fun out of the good ole fashion auction!!  Sometimes I hate technologyIII  ugh.....opinions???

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