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Hi all!!

Because I live in England I have only ever bought Mathmos / Crestworth lamps as you can very rarely pick up USA made lamps in the UK. I have always been very happy with Mathmos / Crestworth products. The build quality is amazing, great designs, cool colour combo's and they flow so well!!

I was lucky enough to find myself a nice looking USA made Lava Lite lamp on UK Ebay the other week. I think they are called "Century's" with the pin holes in the base to let the light out?? What a cool idea!! Well I got the lamp fired up and it started to bubble away!! And I mean bubble!! It is very different to the flow of a Mathmos lamp. It seems to give of loads of small blobs rather than the iconic one blob at a time you get with the Mathmos lamps. I have looked at a lot of pictures of USA lamps in action on this forum and many seem to have this characteristic of giving off loads of small blobs.

To be honest, i'm not too keen. I much prefer the flow of the English made Mathmos / Crestworth lamps.

I am interested to hear other peoples opinions on this....

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Grandes are 6 inches shorter than Lunars but they use larger 250 oz. bottles.

I believe a Lunar bottle is around 150 oz.

You think a Grande is enormous?

Check out the 4 foot tall Colossus!


Both produced some great lamps in their heyday. The difference between then (60's 70's) and now is more marked with Lava Lite as their variety of classic styles and build/flow quality was so much better than today. Mathmos have remained more consistently good in my opinion.

well im 100% british lava lamp, when i buy i know it will turn up crystal clear and flow, price maybe more but you get what ya pay for. hardly ever read a good review on china / u.s lamps which seem cloudy constantly

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