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Hi, my grandmother gave me a lamp back when I was a young theater geek and I was getting ready to ebay it when i find out lo-and-behold, its a fantasia glitter graphic lamp!

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it, how much it's worth about or if anyone is interested in purchasing? Any help is greatly appreciated, i'm a total novice


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Heather, here are the "known" Fantasia Glitter Graphics lamps......so far.   You just might have one that no one has seen before.   This came from the "Lava Library."    Does yours have the stickers on the back of the box?   Model number or anything?    Welcome to OG!!!!

Glitter Graphics, models 7010-7025. 10" square wood box, 4" deep. Graphic printed plastic front panel. Glitter globe in front of curved chrome reflector as wide as the box. Actual model names unknown. Eleven styles have been seen so far, though the model numbers suggest that sixteen may exist:

Rolls-Royce*, Fire Dragon, Unicorn & Rainbow, Rainbow & Clouds, Parrot & Moon, Mask, Tropical Fish, Big Rig Truck, Bar Open, Saloon, Happy Hour.

*Rolls-Royce variants, the following may be printed in the blank rectangle over the "$$$$$$" license plate: American Flag, "Poverty Sucks," "Numero Uno."

All the Glitter Graphics except Bar Open, Happy Hour and Saloon were designed by George Stadnik, who hand-painted the originals (some in blacklight-responsive paint) and cut the silkscreen stencils.


Information from Jonas, Kris, James Reichie, George Stadnik, and others. If you contribute and I forget to add your name, please remind me! --Jonas

This is the first time I've seen the mask model, aside from a black-and-white photo showing 11 models issued by the manufacturer! Thanks for posting. These are quite collectible! You may get some offers here on OG, or you could try eBay. In the case of eBay, I'd suggest starting it at $60 and see where it goes.


yeah theres a sticker on the back 'fantasia products'... address, info about the bulb, some random numbers. I only saw the rolls royce on ebay so i was like oooh maybe this is collectible!

thanks for the input everyone, I'm definitely going to hold on to it for a bit and try to research it.

Not much to be found out there beyond what's here. The info posted above, from our Lava Library, was picked up from other lava collectors and from Mr. George Stadnik, a former Fantasia employee who designed the Glitter Graphics lamps.

The graphic on this particular fantasia lamp is beautiful.  I'd dare say it is the prettiest of the series.

it is very pretty, especially when it's plugged in and all lit up

so sorry i forgot to send a pic of it lit up - but here it is.


Hi Heather-  are you still interested in selling your glitter lamp? 

yes definitely, i've been holding on to it because i haven't had much info on it but i would like to sell it

email me at primesales@swcp.com and let me know how much you want for it. If affordable.   I will gladly pay via pay pal as soon as you let me know.  I'm route66albuquerque on ebay.  look up my rating and you will see I don't mess around. If you do not have pay pal let me know how you would like me to send payment.

I look forward to hearing back from you Heather.

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know I'm moving soon so I've actually listed the lamp on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271540998200?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&...

i know a few of you had messaged me about purchasing it so if you were interested you can go to that address, thanks!


If anyone is interested in purchasing this lamp, please email me at hlastuvkalmt@yahoo.com, i really want to unload it asap

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