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Fiber Optic Starry Sky Picture - Needs ID - Glitter Graphics?

Need help identifying:

I had this around mid 90s (when picture was taken), but was vintage 70s or 80s from a yard sale.

Had a fiber optic spray / rope that wound around like a pretzel to the light / wheel pattern.

Stars twinkled and comet moved across sky every so often.

Silver satin frame with slight incline for tabletop.

I let this go shortly after in my own yard sale, and cannot figure out what it is and have never seen another...any info would help. I am sure they are quite hard to find.

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That's cool why did you let it go

I guess I didn't appreciate as much then

OKay looks like it was a cool lamp

Very, very cool! Never seen one before.

ME neither i would have boughten this

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