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Found this beautiful glitter Lamp in my new House.

Does anybody now how old it is, maybe a manufacturer and how much it could be worth?

Thank you 


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I just refilled the lamp with the Glitter kit.



Wow, that was quick!

Nice job. Are you pleased with it? 

Video is marked as private. 

Ok now it's for public viewing. There is some Glitter at the top Wich is repelling the liquid. It won't sink down even when the lamp is cold

Probably just air bubbles attaching to the flakes. Just gently swirl the bottle and tip up and down  every quarter of an hour or so and that should resolve it. 

alan-noel showed a glitter boiler (I think) on this site recently - does this help? Fascinating thread...

Does the bottle lift out of the base?

There ARE glitter lamps, without a boiler lamp within, which are considered part of the "french boiler" canon, however their globes are completely sealed by fire, not openable at all, Whether yours used to be, I can't say. I know a sealed glitter lamp with a separate glass base exists, and some boilers have caps (though I haven't seen a separate, glass oned) to cover the top.

Wow! Beautiful!

Yes it lifts out of the Base, and there are stripes painted on the bottom of the bottle.

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