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I have just gotten my first two giants. Neither of them have the black caps that cover the top (I dont think Ill ever find replacements anyone got any ideas?) But neither of them have codes on the top of there caps, like my newer grandes do. Is there supposed to be stickers with date and color codes on top? Ones White/Blue and the other is Pink/Pink (Maybe its white but man it looks pink). Ive added a picture of the two giants and a photo of my 50th that does have the sticker Im talking about. 

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Those are correct.  Mine are like that. No stickers. Giants were US made and grandes are china lamps. Lets see them in all their glory!

Oh man I can just imagine how giants work if they were US produced. The flow must be superb!

Original giants are what you have correct?  Those are the tops black cap with heat shrink wrap?  Those are how the original giants came.  There were black giants and silver giants, but both came like to caps you have black with black seal. Newer grande's have the silver caps with labels on them from what I understand.

I knew that newer grandes have the label the photo of a label is off my 50th anniversary grande. I messaged the company on Facebook and she had asked me to send photos of the top labels for her but when I did and they had no stickers she said they should of had some so I got confused.

No need to worry, the original Giant lamps did in fact come without stickers. I have three myself. The labels started when they reintroduced the China version as The Grande. The social media people from LL are quite friendly, but sometimes unaware of the small details with regards to their company's history, especially when it comes to pre-China. 


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