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I was wondering if anyone knows any lava lamps with glitter and also bubbles, if they exist ofc. (Apologies if this is the wrong category)

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I imagine the glitter would stick to the surface of the wax due to surface tension. Might create an interesting effect if one strained the glitter and added it to a lava lamp.

Personally I've never heard of a glitter lamp with "Bubbles" by bubbles I'm guessing you mean lava lamp wax? Mathmos did produce a lava lamp bottle where they added glitter to the wax. Beautiful bottles, sadly they were discontinued which is such a shame.

there was a lamp made in USA which had an inner glass tube (isolated from the rest of the bottle)  which had lava, and the outer part was glitter-filled... I can't remember any more detail, but don't think it really caught on?

Actually the Lavalite lamp that had the inner core of lava and the outer core that was filled with this magenta liquid and glitter was called dual core or duo lava lamp with a striking white base and 52oz globe.  I'll have to check my inventory for the item name.  It not only sold out it's now one of the rarest lava lamps known to exist.  Not a lot were made which makes them rare and very few people who own are actually willing to give up. I don't blame them one bit.  I also heard direct from lavalite way back when they sold out that they would never bring back because the cost to produce ran high and they were hard as hell to make.  They are in my opinion one of the best looking lava lamps ever.  I actually posted a message sometime back letting everyone know walmart had 15 or so for sale.  No more than 30 minutes after informing members here of the sale they were SOLD OUT forever. I've not see one come up on ebay in years and when one did it sold for well over 100.00 plus.  I think it sold for over 150.00 plus shipping.  Hard to believe for some but true.  It's one of those lamps you have to see to truly appreciate.  I only fired mine up once and they ROCKED! Glad I still have mine stored safely.   One other thing to mention...pictures of the lamp online are virtually non-existent unlike all the other lava lamps created. I found none here on oozing goo which was shocking considering all other lamps have examples shown on this site.  I'm sure there's an example of the lamp here I could not unarchive.  As for bubbles and glitter combined - nothing exists that lavalite created.  They created a fishing tank with bubbles only no glitter. 

Yep that's the one I remember - albeit vaguely...  "dual core" (or "twin core"?) rings a faint bell too...

I had no idea it was so rare

It would be great if you could fire yours up and post it here one day, TLC?

I can't recall where I saw it, I thought it was on here but from what you say, maybe not?

I'm guessing that was available in America only, would be fantastic to see a lamp like that. Never seen anything like it here in the UK sadly. 

Here's a quick update on the lamp with the inner lava core and outer glitter.  It's called The Double Play and there is a posting of the lamp here on OG.  I posted heading below for those who want to see the lamp.  It's tall and way better looking in action.  The post below is a good example of the lamp and the only one I've seen online.  See below -

Double Play lamp

Thanks for digging out and posting guys, yes there's that Watership Down moment...

I remember thinking there isn't much room for the lava to do intricate convolutions, but there's nearly a Jet-sized bottle inside the globe, isn't there? It's a clever lamp (difficult to make, TLC - yes!), and visually quite intriguing

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