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I have been trying to goo kit a plastic Italian glitter lamp, (was only half full when i got it so it had to be kited).

The issue is that it doesn't seam to be heating up as it should - the bottom of the globe is as hot as it should be too hot to an extent even, the rest of the globe is practically cool. There is a layer of wax that is not melting and it is not spiking. It domes slightly but this seams to cool the wax so much that some of it hardens.

It was running on a 40w golf ball bulb but I put a 30w reflector in it to try to get more directed heat and still nothing. 

The question is weather I need to use a higher wattage reflector bulb or is this type of base not going to work for lava and it will only work as a glitter.

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For some reason my goo kits always need higher wattage bulb to run properly. Most members here as well as Magma Tower say you need less heat, but that has never been the case for me. I know a few other people say that they need higher wattage bulbs also. I would suggest a higher wattage bulb.

This may seem like a redundant thing, but did you put a coil in it? You said it was a glitter lamp, so there wouldn't be one in it to begin with.

Lastly what size is this lamp. Most lamps under 32oz will not flow well. For example the consort lamps do not work well when goo kitted.

I did put a coil in it (old one I salvaged from another lamp) I could try using a reflector bulb used in the Fludium I think that's my only hope.

The size is about the same as a astrobaby (16oz or so) I have kited lamps of the same size and smaller and they have been fine. I think the other issue is that the globe is not fully cleaned even after using white spirit to de-grease it.

If there is wax sticking to the lamp then it is likely not cleaned enough. It seems like a heating issue because the wax is not rising and some of it is not melting. 

Yea its probably more globe issues, will see what a higher wattage bulb will do to at least get it flowing somewhat and will go from there. 

It may be the fluid used in it before cant be taken off by white spirit :/

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