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Grande Lava Lamps are no longer being produced... email from lava light

I ordered my first grande not too long ago and due to it being cloudy i was issued another, and 3rd which was thankfully clear..  amazon said i could keep the other 2 and issued me a refund.. i lucked out big time.

But i as well and some of you have noticed the current grandes out have been out of stock everywhere except a few retailers, and amazon.  They are out of stock on their own website, and like 3 days ago the custom ones are gone as well.

I decided to email Lava light 2 few days ago asking if they are discontinued and i got a response.  They told me the current Grande Lamps were discontinued.  And there is no word if they will bring them back. 

This makes sense because the Lamps i got were all dated last year July of 2017.  Im not sure if there are newer ones out there, but all 3 of mine were made almost a year ago.  If they are now out of stock then there must have a huge over supply and i guess now they are finally going away.. 

Just thought id let you guys know.  Im not sure if they are just stopping production for a new line of Grandes and different colors, or if they finally got fed up with the cloudy lamps being returned constantly.  Im sure this really hurts their bottom line with 2-3-4-5 lamps being returned by people all the time.

I also wonder if this reason to discontinue them has anything to do with the 100 watt light bulbs..  Those Bulbs arent allowed to be sold in the United States anymore.  Only utility bulbs for fridges and microwaves and so forth which is why you can still find 20-40w bulbs.   Every hardware store ive been too doesnt have incandescent bulbs or even CFL's hell wall mart only sells LEDS now.  Even the 100w bulbs on Lava lights website are sold out

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Grandes from  LL and all are back in stock and available for order 

They have a new Warehouse now in California 

They have started to add other Grandes for backorder by June of this year. 

Mathmos coming to the US would be a god sent, however, the odds are slim to none. Did anyone advise them that lava lamp was sold to the new company?

so why were they out of stock for months and why would they tell me they arent being made anymore ??  Maybe they cut production to reorganize their supply ?

And apparently susan is still there too?

I am so tempted to order one of the new painted glitter version before they are gone for good as I can always remove the painted finish.

Should I jump on it, you think those will still be made?

Aparently they arent gone.  Im confused.. an email to them stated they are gone and this "susan" everyone talks about was to be let go and so forth..  But now she is still here and the supply is being backordered for the next few months ?  So i guess they are back ?

I dunno very confusing.. 

Their mission statement must go something like this: We do not know what's going on and neither will you OozingGoo!

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