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Grande - which one - purple/yellow or blue/green

Okay, so I have a pink/purple with silver base, custom red/yellow with black base & a clear/red bottle than was made from a cloudy red/yellow.

I want to get one more before this new company decides to stop making them. I will get it form walmart since either is about $70+ with free shipping to the store for pickup by me.

Which one should I get purple/yellow or blue/green? Having a hard time deciding. I wish the fluid colors for either choice were a tad lighter.

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My choice would be purple/yellow.  But that's my choice.  That kind of recommendation for someone else is hard to make!

By the way, it's blue/yellow.  It just looks like blue/green.

For the price you should get one of each.  You know you want them both. You will thank yourself big time when the lamps arrive.   I like the purple yellow. My amigos prefer the blue/yellow combo.  I've noticed that places that used to carry these lamps are all posting - NO LONGER IN STOCK.  You may be onto something here about the new company discontinuing the Grandes.  HMMMMM.

Keith - Thanks for the opinion

Lamp Caretaker - thanks, I am torn between the two as I don't have the $$ nor the room for two more. I would love to see a good color video of the purple yellow if you don't mind as i am concerned the color might be to dark. The pink/purple I have is a very nice combo. Also with regards to them not being made anymore, it's just a hunch I have for about down the line when the new company realized they are replacing cloudy bottles and loosing tons of money on grandes. it's only a matter of time in my opinion or they are going to have to seriously send someone to China to watch production to ensure the highest quality control. We know that probably won't happen. Also, you never answered me about the critters/fish for the grande aquarium.

I have two smaller lamps that are these colours and I would go the green blue route if you want subtle ambiance, or the yellow purple if you want a brighter more in your face lamp. Some downsides to both colours would be that on the yellow purple lamp the purple liquid becomes a bright pink/ red making it kind of difficult to look at for more than 20 second intervals. Taking pictures of this lamp is also extremely difficult (which isn't a big deal but I thought I'd mention it). A downside to the green/ blue lamp is that in the dark the liquid is more of a dark blue/ green colour than the light blue they advertise on their website.

The yellow/ purple is a beautiful lamp especially when near a window (not direct light), and the same goes for the green/blue, its just not as bright.

If it was me I would go for the green blue due to it being slightly easier on the eyes and beautiful when in a lighter room. The darker liquid really accents the wax, although you cant go wrong with either honestly.

The purple/yellow combo is very bright same as the yellow/blue in my opinion.  If I have the time tonight I'll dig up the lamps and upload photos or video before week end.  

If you can get me video that would be huge to help me make my decision.

I think they already stopped making them..  They are sold out on thwir website on amazon knly has a few left aparently.

And what new company are you talking about ?

Only reason i havent bought one are the piss poor reviews..  Between light bulbs exploding.. cloudy water abd the color in the globes turning clear and the lava not flowing after a few months.

I have posted in your other thread.

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