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What bulbs do you guys use for your Mathmos Astros and Astrobabies? I was at my local Tesco and all the had was rather rubbish looking LED replacements... I left almost having a panic attack! I see on the Mathmos site they are now shipping Astros and Astrobabies with 2 pin halogen bulbs now? What does the future hold? I don't want to spend a fortune getting replacement bases. I really need bulbs for my babies!

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ebay buy in bulk

I thought about that, I see I can get a box shipped from Germany. I just worry that eventually the whole world will stop stocking the bulbs I need. I stocked up years ago on Tesco Value golf ball bulbs, they were great! I wish I had bought more. I am looking for more of a quick fix alternative. Like a screw in halogen or something, or for Mathmos to invent some type of LED heat plate and solve it!

Don't be afraid, at least the Chinese will go on producing the good old classic lightbulbs.

This is true!

I have a few dimmers, I might try the 40 watt one, thanks.

Ali express : type lava lamp bulbs 

And for the Crestworth lamps they also have bayonet to edison screw adaptors

I was trying to find a 35W bulb as mathmos sells but none available on ebay. I suppose you could use a 40W and then dim to 35W? What exactly does the dimmer setup look like, do you need one for each lamp or could it work for a power strip somehow

https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B000LAU04K/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&...  I use one of these. It works really well. I use one for each lamp. I wouldn't use it on the power strip plug, on it I have a timer.

another option is the halogen bulbs which have the standard bulb shape you need but use a halogen inside, i use em in my crestworths and found them to work well,  just get one that is slighty under the voltage you need so for instance 40watt normal bulb get a halogen 28w = 37w , they do em in most bulb fittings and avalible at most wilko stores

I was concerned that "light equivalent 35w" wouldn't work because the lava lamp needs heat not light, but you're saying that it is actually equivalent to what Mathmos provides with their lamps?

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