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What bulbs do you guys use for your Mathmos Astros and Astrobabies? I was at my local Tesco and all the had was rather rubbish looking LED replacements... I left almost having a panic attack! I see on the Mathmos site they are now shipping Astros and Astrobabies with 2 pin halogen bulbs now? What does the future hold? I don't want to spend a fortune getting replacement bases. I really need bulbs for my babies!

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I have tried out these 30W bulbs


and they seem to be giving perfectly satisfactory lava action. It may be that the extra 5W just don't matter much.

they look like the standard 30watt that babys and telstars used, so should be fine

i use a u.k version of these in my crestworths, work fine in all bases 


Is there a list anywhere of all the bulbs that the older Mathmos and Crestworth lamps use?  I know there's one for the US lamps...  

This is an older thread, but I just want to say thanks to everyone. I now have halogens in most of my lamps and they are all running great!

I use...

Astrobabies = R39 SES 150 lumens - These also work with non branded 30w motion lamps!

Astros = E14 SES 370 lumens

Lava Lite 14.5 inch = R39 SES 150 lumens on dimmer

Panic is now over. :D

If you've got the the 90's astro with the ses/small edison screw socket, the 40w cooker head bulbs work really well too, and they're very cheap at the moment!

Thanks Mark! Cooker heads always concerned me because of the shape, but I will give it a go. :D

Worth a try.

I'm also using them in my American Simplex Alladin and Saturna lamps with one of these E17 to E14 converters:  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Small-Screw-E17-To-E14-Bulb-Adapter-Ligh...

They actually produce a better than the original US bulbs which tend to run too hot.

I never even knew these existed, shame I don't own any American ones... yet! I might stock up just in-case!

Just noticed they do ses to GU10 as well (the new mathmos astros use GU10 mini bulbs), so will order one of those and let you whether they fit.

Brill, thanks! :D

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