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I'm so excited, I think I have a good way to make a glitter lamp, I've posted a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xOt1Ge9etE&feature=g-crec-u) of the first prototype glitter fluid, and I'm really excited about perhaps finally having a way to make glitter fluid at home.  At first I was running into trouble with the mylar glitter sinking to the bottom and not flowing right, then I made the fluid too dense and all the glitter floated to the top of the solution.  So after ALOT of experimentation I got the density of the fluid right so the glitter barely sinks.   you can see in the video that as the fluid heats and starts convection it has no trouble carrying the glitter with it.  Soon I will have a 52oz globe filled with my prototype solution and 18" glitter.  I'll post videos for all to see.   Im keeping my fingers crossed...

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Is there any update on this topic please Nolan? My 1/3 propylene glycol to 2/3 distilled water doesn't lift the glitter. And I have food grade Glycerine ready so any help would be great?

no updates so far, with Christmas I haven't had the extra money to buy more ingredients, I'm having trouble lifting the glitter and remaining fluid enough to flow...   there will be more posted here as soon as I get more experimenting done...

OK, I will have another try myself tomorrow. Thanks Nolan

where do i get the mylar to cut the glitter out?

If you search for solvent resistant glitter on esty , you'll find plenty that will work and some that dont.

Funky Dr. Gonzo said:

where do i get the mylar to cut the glitter out?

I would rather use PG   than  Epson salt at any costs

Nolan Guess said:

yeah.. running into trouble too, I may need to use some propylene glycol in my mix as the solution is still not dense enough to really let the glitter be neutrally bouyant...


hi marcel

with all respect to advertise your online shop i think it is not the right way because .. 

1. i cannot buy glitter only in your shop

2. i am looking for mylars to do it by my own

3. no information in your videos about my question...

i bought a lot ln the past from your shop till i found out, what you are using as master fluid. so now i wanna try it without spending that much money.

you tube link not working for me, is it my computer?

No, it is not your computer,,...

it's not working for me either
Mr MaGoo said:

you tube link not working for me, is it my computer?

still no luck with my glitter,  i bought on etsy. it's way to heavy. sinks and keeps there. i used pure pg. need more thinner mylar/glitter... will continue testing and keep you up2date

i've ordered christmal tinsel and will try, if this will float...

tinsel works perfect. It sinks down, when lamp is turned off and rising after about 5 minutes when i turned on the lamp. i will upload some pics when everything is perfectly done.

At the moment, i am playing around howto cut the tinsel down into small pieces like mathmos is doing it (about the size).

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