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How many lamps/lighting effects do you have in your collection?

I've updated this thread to include all lighting effects, such as projectors, boiler lamps, glitter lamps, fibre optics, wave machines etc. Reading threads on this forum it seems some of us have a lot of lava lamps and other decorative lighting effects, loads and loads in fact. We used to have loads back in the early 2000's but we thinned them all down, so now it's not really a collection anymore. But we do own a couple of lighting projectors and a collection of oil wheels. 

You don't have to give details of the actual lamps in your collection if you'd rather not, but feel free to join in if you wish, even just a number is great, a bit of light hearted collectors conversation :) Or just comment if you like. 

Our collection stands at four lamps and around ten bottles for the Astro Baby, seven for the Astro. We are waiting for some interesting colour combinations to add to our bottle collection. 

Mathmos 90's brushed aluminium Astro (in use)

Mathmos White Astro Baby (in use)

Crestworth Coach lantern with a green liquid, red wax bottle (stored away)

Mathmos 50th Anniversary lamp, boxed (stored away)

Our other passion is projectors and lighting effects, such as oil wheels kaleidoscope lens. So we have 25 different oil wheels, a selection of picture wheels a kaleidoscope lens with two projectors, LED solar 250 and a small Opti Aura. 

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Pics or ...

whatever details you want to share, it's up to you. 

Zapiao said:

Pics or ...

2 x Astro Metallics (yellow in use, red in box)

2 x Black astros (in use)

1 x brushed aluminium astro (in use)

1 x copper neo (occasional use)

1 x copper neo wall light (haven't gotten around to putting it up, been in the box for months)

2 x astrobaby (silver), but the kids have those so they don't really count.

I won't be buying any more bases unless something new and fun comes out. 

I do have a bit of a bottle problem...  I like to switch them up.

In all honesty, if the metallics were sold as just bottles then I wouldn't have those two bases, I only wanted the bottles :(

I have a bottle problem, I love to swap them around. As said above clear and whites a favourite, then it's metallic bottles. We've owned a silver metallic and a green glitter. We are looking forward to the day that some really fun bottles come out, especially metallics. I'm still hunting for a white Astro base and cap, but I won't buy more lamps unless something really chic comes out. 

I've got 55 mathmos lamps got about 30 astro bottles metallic flock fluidiums got all the mathmos led light range song rare lamps been collecting for years.

Oh wow that's some collection, I'd love to be able to raid that bottle stash lol. You don't have a white Astro to sell do you hehe! I partly let our collection go due to electricity use, lots of lamps running isn't a cheap hobby lol. At least Hubby doesn't wince as much when we just have two to run. 

Does this include Glitters and Fibre optics?

Yes, glitters, fibre optics, projector oil wheels, boiler lamps etc. Any lighting effects you own in your collection :)  I've just updated the title and thread details to add them :)

About 100 lava and glitter, assorted 90s all the way back to 60s. Originator of the "Midnight Planter" with fiber-optic flowers (at least one copy has been made by another collector, which made me extraordinarily happy). Two glitter lamp clocks.

A handful of glass fiber-optics and one plastic (a large peacock, a dear birthday gift),  as well as three fiber-optic panel lamps (Bicentennial, owl, and firework).

Six heat-powered cylinder motion lamps: LA Goodman Niagara Falls, modern swimming fish (imitation of LA Goodman lamp), four psychedelic (Visual; Effects Op-Lamp)

One infinity mirror, two lightning panels, one Eye of the Storm, one animated psychedelic wall clock (Hyman Products hexagon), one Aurora Clock (changes color using polarized filters), one Dark Star (holofoil motion projector).

One large boiler (#1, top left, on the illustrated boiler list, stands about 25" tall).

Fantastic collection, I've not heard of most of those as I'm in the UK, bet they look stunning. 

And I thought I had a bottle addiction lol..........well I do, I just can't find any colours I want to purchase. I'll be in trouble with my Husband if Mathmos ever bring any nice colours out, clear and different waxes, I'll be in bulk buy mode :)

I may or may not have over a couple hundred??????

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