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Hi all!

Newcomer and novice here.

I recently bought a Xemu xeno (one of my thrifting dreams), the liquid is a little bit cloudy, but the real problems I noticed are some green floaters in there and a dark ring on the alien's butt (which I'm guessing is because the bulb is too hot).

I'm not sure whether it would be worth opening up the jar to filter or change the liquid? I did find a post on here that suggested replacing the liquid with distilled water but it didn't say anything about how to actually crack it open, and I haven't really found anything else on the subject.

Has anyone here attempted it, and if so could you explain or give me some pointers on how to do it?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!

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The floaties are part of the design.  I have two of these lamps and they both have floaties in them but the liquids clear.  Think about it...if you were to find an alien and rinsed it off and placed it into proper fluids after things settle your going to have small flesh or skin bits maybe even feces.  As for opening the jar use a small screw driver and slowly lift while bending lid a little at a time going around the lid not just in one place.  Note - once you pop the top there is no way to seal back to it's original state and you lose all value once you tampered or opened the lids.  I would suggest placing it on a shelf and leaving it alone for as long as possible without running with lamp on so the dust coming off of the alien can settle down.  Just don't mover the jar.  Shaking or moving the alien around will only cause additional cloudiness to the lamp. Don't expose the lamp to sunlight either.  It will turn the liquid inside a muddy yellow.  If you do pop it open filter the liquid and see if this works first  so you keep original color and original liquid. Mine are stored but I have noticed over time a powder residue is coming off the alien so I try not to move it around much when displaying.   It's not silicone. Silicone does not leach powder residue when kept for long periods of time under water.  Good luck.  Drop photos here once you've done the makeover.  Use distilled water when refilling.  

Thank you so much for all the tips! I'll try leaving it alone for a few weeks and see what happens, but i don't think I'll open the jar up (for the time being). I'm too scared of not being able to close and seal it up again. But if I do attempt it someday I'll definitely post pics of how I do it!

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