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I just received a Hunter Sata Lamp.

I was very surprised to see the lamp is fitted with a big 75w bulb.

The bulb is seated on a ring, and the socket is not fixed anywhere, just hanging from the bulb.

Is this the original fitting / bulb?


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Oh, and what about this very strange cap?

Original one?

firstly ditch the 75 watt bulb, 25 - 40 max, the bulb should sit on the ring leaving the bulb fitting hanging down, thats the correct way

There is no way a classic 40w golf bulb would fit in it: the ring is far too large.

With the 75w the lamp run normaly but the base is very hot (no kidding :-) )

I noticed the wax is never solid, even when cold.

Any idea about the bottle cap?

it would taken a standard 40watt bulb NOT golf ball size, just like what the orig crestworth telstar bases used, and the early bottles used to use a liquidy wax like crestworth used to use first, i really recommend you dont run it with the 75watt bulb, not sure about the bottle top, ones ive seen always had a metal screw cap with a plasticy bung in em, but im not expert on hunter sata-lites with bottle tops,

only way you'll get around with a small size bulb is to modify where the bulb sits

I didn't knew about normal size 40w.

I will try to find one. But looking at the 75w bulb (dust on it) it has been here for a long time, and wax still working well so no damage here.

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