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Look what this (link below) sold for. It wasn't even an auction, it was buy it now, or best offer! I'll be checking ebay more often now. I would have paid the price of the lamp plus a shipping amount the seller couldn't resist.


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Dig a little further. Click on the sellers feedback number and you will see the buyer wrote a comment saying that the seller withdrew on the deal.


I guarantee you, that when the seller found out how much that Lunar was actually worth, he made it a point to find a spot for it in his new home. 

Here is what I missed today for 40eur:

Already sold when I called the seller :-(

That fluidium is very nice. I don't feel bad about missing that lunar anymore. It would have been worse to buy it, and then have the seller cancel

I swore there was a white fluidium on there last night for over $200...now I can't find it.  Was it the one you pictured above, or did they pull theres maybe.

there was an opal fluidium on ebay for $300 that someone actually bid on today and won in the last few seconds of the auction.  BIN was $900 LOL

Wow if I had seen that Lunar it would have been worth the 6hr + round trip and gas !!!

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