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I have the worst damn luck - GooKit Grande with bubbles

How does this happen? I've probably run this lamp 6 times and now the wax is full of bubbles. It didn't use to be like this. Anyone else had this happen? 

I followed all the instructions. It's on a 100W flood bulb w/ tinfoil (otherwise it takes way too long to get going). 

I am sad. :(

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Awww, that stinks. I'm not emptying this...just going to keep it as-is.


No one mentioned anything about the coils, if they were clean or slightly rusty or ahhh I'm probably just talking through my hat

The coil was/is completely clean. 

i'm having the same issue with wax i purchased in february of this year.  i showed some photos to MT and they said it was normal.  the wax has about ~100 hours of use.  the flow is excellent, but i just wish there weren't as many bubbles.

Magma Tower said to use the mesh screen provided when I asked them about this issue. I didn't.

I still have some bubbles, but based on this and all the other issues I had, I just gave up on GooKits. Wasn't worth the hassle for me. 

they told me the same, but i'm not using it.  i agree, and i won't purchase more of their wax until they get this issue worked out.  bubbles in wax are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

I also had issues with wax sticking to the bottom of the globe and fuzzies forming in the liquid. GooKits aren't cheap, so it just wasn't worth the hassle for me. Some have good luck with them, I did not. 

Hey man lava has bubbles, no big deal lol stop letting it get to you

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