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I just wanted the fluid. Anyone interested in these? Could be good for parts, experiments, etc. Globes appear to be about 10oz.  Bulbs included. Otherwise they're going in the trash/recycle bin. 

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Erin do have any left

No sorry, I don't. I tossed/recycled them. 

Hi Erin, How did your experiment turn out for you? Are the three combined M&M glitters flowing?

Yes, they were last time I checked. Since I added some distilled, the glitter sits at the bottom when cold instead of the top. I don't think that's an issue though. Thanks for asking!

I know that it would cost a ton, but I wonder how many of those M&M glitters you would need to fill a Grande? I really do like the color and shape of the glitter. 

Well, they are 10 oz. each and it would take 25 to fill a Grande, so $250 plus tax! LOL

Like I said, I knew it would cost a ton, but I think a big 'ole 250 oz'er would look great with that M&M glitter in it and flowing.

Erin said:

Well, they are 10 oz. each and it would take 25 to fill a Grande, so $250 plus tax! LOL

Yeah, it would! DO EET!

I would love to, but I need to get some new camera gear for this years Nascar and Indy races and concerts that I'm shooting this year.

Erin said:

Yeah, it would! DO EET!

So, uh, Erin? Where do I get a couple of these? I've seen a few French lamps with colored glitter, and I'd love to refill my steel oval-window with this stuff! It's been sad and empty since 2004.

Toys R' Us - they are $10! Cheap! They are only about 10oz. though. 

Excellent idea on the steel oval window, too! I have one as well that needs to be refilled :)

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